The email, the best way to communicate holiday messages

If some tend to avoid, others use best wishes at the beginning of the year to relay strong messages to their ecosystem and to begin the year on a positive note. Formulating wishes constitutes an excellent pretext to maintain professional networks, establish contact with prospects, and express gratitude to existing clients. It’s an excellent communication tool in the professional world.

Before sending you into the creation and redaction of best wishes messages, it is important to define the objectives and to pose the right questions:

  • What would you like to say?
  • Do you have new things to announce?
  • Do you wish to talk about the values of your company?

If the ideas are missing, you must go to the essential: remind your clients of your know-how, be energetic and friendly.

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What tools to use to optimize your best wishes?

The choice of tools to address your best wishes largely would depend on the professional and commercial relationships we have. The choices largely differ (a card, telephone, email, SMS, social media, etc.). Many of them are free and quick.

If a paper card gives you the impression of being outdated, be sure in knowing that it makes a lasting impression.

Note that the email presents an advantage to be as equally interactive and most of all, personalized. So, why not use email signatures like dynamic support? Especially since it is one of the few media where it is easy to evaluate the ROI if you use a tool that allows you to analyze statistics.

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Must you play on the originality?


The form

Whether we send a paper card, an email, or an e-card, the originality is often well-received. On the other hand, a gimmick much less so! Also, if we have a doubt, it is preferable to opt for moderation. 🙂

A visual or an original form can make a difference. It is possible to use the available visuals in your bank of images. But, don’t forget that success will first come from the message you write.

It is essential to not go overboard! A few carefully chosen words will be enough to re-create that link.


In the background

In the professional context, it is often advised to keep a certain distance with your interlocutors. It is, for this reason, we suggest avoiding personal topics (love, health, happiness, etc.) unless we have already established a more friendly relationship with the recipient.

As for the message, a theme that conveys values such as success, fulfillment, serenity, or adventure may be chosen.

Best wishes are an essential ritual and a tool for differentiation.

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